Bay Area Figurative Expressionist 
I see similarity in the spirit of “soul surfing” and the pure pleasure of painting. In this series of "Surfer" paintings, I try to surf with paint to touch the essence of surfing. Through color, contrast, movement, figuration and abstraction, I strive to ride, visually, waves big and small, menacing and transcendent, as well as those of our psyche and inner dimensions.
In future series, I will explore the visual spirit of other subjects, such as dance, sports, war, competition, nature, and relationships. I intend to pour out diverse, colorful elixirs of paint, pigment, plastic, found objects, and evaporated water, mixed with emotion and imagination. And in these expressions, I will pursue connecting motif, materiality, and visual magic in the service of enticing the viewer into reverie.
I pray that I may, in some small way, portray the residue of life’s spirit in an artful arrangement of color and value, on paper and canvas. And I hope that, at least one of these, will evoke in you the sweet, aesthetic arrest that I felt in its creation. 
Therein lies the heart and purpose of my painting practice, to which I dedicate the rest of my life. God willing. 
April '22
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