Born 1967 in New York City, NY
Reside in Pleasant Hill, CA
Art has been a lifelong interest. I began taking art classes and doing art in grammar school. In high school I began a serious study of art history and painting.
Formal Art Training: 
Marchutz School, Aix-en-Provence France - ’88- ’89
Studied Impressionism and Post-Impressionism painting in the home town of Cezanne
Co-taught landscape painting class
B.A. Visual Arts, UCSD, La Jolla, CA - ’91 
Studied performance and conceptual art as well as Happenings with Allan Kaprow
Masters Program, Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA ’97 - ’99
Studied life drawing & painting
Co-taught life drawing class
Stopped one course and final show away from completion for financial reasons
Business Career:
Focused on corporate business career (with various companies):
Started as a temporary receptionist and retired as President of a manufacturing company - ’22
M.B.A., St. Mary’s, Moraga, CA - ’08
Now focused on and dedicated to being a professional artist.
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